Who are you selling to and are they listening?

“Your counsel is GOLD!”—

Wendy Florian, CEO, VTCO, Inc.

“Pete’s direct response program put the dental marketing specialists to shame.”

–Dr. David Son, Irvine Dentist

• The Magic Is Always In the Message

• Make Your Words Count

Johnson Communications

Know where you are and identify your destination. Articulate your objectives. And then design the program that’s right for your company. A successful future depends on it. Learn more here.

Johnson Communications

Whether you depend on the Internet or you need a bare bones guerrilla campaign, Johnson Communications has the mad skills, depth of experience and the keen sensibilities to design a marketing and communications program that works. Learn more here.


  • Brilliant Marketing Strategists & Tacticians… that outsmart and outmaneuver the competition
  • Enviable Track Record… programs and campaigns that have generated over $500,000,000 in revenue and brand valuation
  • Expert Visual Communicators/Designers… graphics that get noticed, resonate with your audience and deliver the message
  • Spot-On Wordsmiths, Copy Masters… words that motivate, compel and convert
  • Solid Corporate and Personal Values… grounded in best practices, sustainability and personal integrity and character
I’ve been working with Pete for over 10 years. Johnson Communications is a large part of our growth.”—Larry Ray, Owner/Operator, Larry’s Independent Service
Logos Logos
The face of your enterprise is too important to leave to amateurs and dilatants in this very visual environment… learn more here
Brochures, Sales Sheets & More Brochures, Sales Sheets & More
Although print media isn’t as important in the digital age, brochures, sales sheets, packaging and other collateral is a vital part of any marketing effort… learn more here
Words That Convert Words That Convert
While the way we see, recognize and absorb copy has changed, it’s words that ultimately convert a prospect to a buyer… learn more here
Experience Experience
You want someone on your team that understands consumer behavior, has created hundreds of marketing campaigns and projects and has probably touched your industry in the last 20 years… learn more here
Failure to plan is... Failure to plan is…
…planning to fail. How do you know how to reach your goals if you don’t know where you want to go? Strategic planning is crucial to leveraging critical resources… learn more here
Have Some Fun Have Some Fun
As mission critical as marketing is and as strange as it sounds, you have to have some fun in the process. Crack a smile, make a pun, laugh out loud and you’ll endear yourself to the market… learn more here